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Music and Movement Around the World

The Music and Movement Around the World portion of the Simi Valley Multicultural Festival premiered on April 10, 2021. This event features various dances, ceremonies, and musical performances from Aztec, Indian, Chinese, and Mexican cultures. Check back soon to see more videos or, to see the full, live performance, please click here. 

Ventura County Chinese American Association

The Ventura County Chinese-American Association (VCCAA) was organized in 1970 and chartered as a non-profit organization in 1976. The VCCAA's objectives are to preserve the Chinese cultural heritage, language, and customs. It promotes participation in education, business, and government as Chinese Americans, so as to foster constructive citizenship, improve general well-being and cultivate an appreciation of their dual heritage. They have submitted a performance of the Lotus Flower Dance featuring Jennifer Leo, Judy Nomi, Jaime Smarinsky, Leslie Smarinsky, and Naomi Zhang. The lotus is a representation of prayer, purity, and hope in Chinese culture. To learn more about their organization, check out their website at

Ballet Folklorico Cielito Lindo de Simi Valley

The Ballet Folkorico Cielito Lindo de Simi Valley is no stranger to the stage. They have performed in events such as the Inaugural Simi Valley Talent Show, Simi Valley Days, and the 2020 Virtual Dia de Los Muertos event. Ballet Folklorico Cielito Lindo de Simi Valley is led by Sara Moguel, who found a passion for Mexican folklorico dance at California State University, Northridge, while achieving her BFA. Their goal is to promote and encourage the appreciation of Mexican culture through regional folk dances. The group teaches its members Mexican traditions, music, and history by celebrating holidays and attending cultural events. They are composed of about 35 members from the ages of 3 to adult. For more information, visit

Simi Valley Mandir India Community Center

India Community Center (ICC) - Simi Valley was founded in 2012 by concerned members of the South Asian community to meet the educational and social service needs of Immigrants from the Indian sub-continent. They provide educational, social, settlement, health, and employment-related services to help all immigrants in the Southern California region. Through a number of unique programs and opportunities, they allow for families, friends, and neighbors to connect with one another. To find out more about them please visit

The ICC submitted three performances to the Music and Movement Around the World category. All three are choreographed by Monica Sarin. The first dance is called "Chogada Tara", performed by the Monica Sarin Dance Crew comprised of Ana, Joann, Lina, Gabrielle, Natalia, and Amaaya. Second is a piece entitled, “A Clap/ Garba and Sticks/Dandiya Dance”, performed by Monica Sarin, Aruna Sharda, Mani Malik, Rehka Paspulate, Dishan Paspulate, and Nirupama Arora. The third is a high-energy Bollywood performance originally performed during a Diwali festival featuring Krisha Shah, Aarna Sharma, Suhana Dharma, Saanjh Virwaney, Tuba Heatherton, Monica Sarin, Rikparna Ghosh, Rehka Paspulate, Dishan Paspulate, and Anju Thapa.

Samanvitha Chintalapati

Samanvitha Chintalapati is a 16 year old student at Santa Susana High School. She is performing a classical Indian Carnatic song called “Garuda Gamana”. It was composed by Thyagaraja in the 18th century. Thyagaraja was a devotee of Lord Rama, a god who represents chivalry and virtue. In this song, Thyagaraja describes Lord Rama, and asks him to show mercy and to appear.

Danza Azteca Nezahaulpilli

Danza Azteca Nezahaulpilli is sharing a traditional ceremony from Aztec culture that is thousands of years old. During the ceremony, they utilize various instruments to keep rhythm and alert those participating of what is happening. Before the ceremony, they pay homage to the four corners of the world.

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