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Follow Along With The Día De Los Muertos Workshops With These Virtual Guides

Here at the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center we are excited that our Día De Los Muertos virtual festival is just a couple days away. A part of the event we are most excited about is the artist workshops, which is your chance to learn how to prepare your Catrina makeup, make Pan de Muerto, and even create your own sugar skulls to remember your loved ones as you create your ofrendas at home.

In normal times, we'd set these video workshops up as stations to visit so you could learn alongside other Simi Valley residents, but 2020 is certainly not normal times. So whats the next best thing? We thought you could maybe follow along at home if we gave you a list of the all ingredients and materials in advance. Call it a vitural guide if you will, where you can go from station to station and while you learn and watch from the experts.

Remember to check out the full schedule so you can be the first to follow along. Miss something or did we go too fast? Don't worry, all of the workshops will be availiable on demand on the website.

You can view all workshops and performances starting at 3:00 p.m. on November 1, 2020. The virtual festival is free and will be streamed live on the Cultural Arts Center's Facebook page. It can also be viewed live on Zoom by registering here.

Pro Tip: The Catrina makeup video demonstration will be post on the website first thing in the morning, so you might want to follow along and put on your best catrina, take a photo and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #simicatrina to win a prize.

To download the recipe card, right click on the images to download the photo or click on the PDF box underneath.

1. Catrina Make Up Materials

Catrina Make Up instructions
Download PDF • 629KB

2. Calavaritas De Azúcar Instructions

sugar skulls instructions
Download PDF • 463KB

3. Pan De Muerto Recipe

Pan De Muerto Recipe
Download PDF • 437KB

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