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Youth Council Talent Show

April 6, 2023 at 7 pm

The Simi Valley Youth Council’s 5th Annual Talent Show will spotlight the gifts and exceptional abilities of select local teen and adult artists as they perform on the Mainstage of the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center. 


Over 15 individual and group acts will compete for cash prizes, along with non-competitive showcase acts from the community. Cash prizes will be awarded in specific categories in addition to an audience selected People’s Choice winner. A panel of three judges will help select the winners.


The Simi Valley Youth Council Talent Show will serve as a fundraiser to help support the Youth Council’s community projects and events throughout the year. These include the anti-bullying and suicide prevention campaigns; annual flagship event, the Simi Valley Youth Summit; and much more.  



$5.00 for Students and $10.00 for adults

if purchased by April 2.  

On April 3, prices will be $10 for students and $15.00 for adults.

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