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Fred Helsel

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Tiffany Colli-Moon

Office Manager:

Bets Lastort

Box Office Manager:

Linda Sanhamel

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The Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center (SVCAC) recognizes the importance of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA). SVCAC believes in the transformative power of the arts to enrich lives and revitalize communities. We believe that engaging in the arts is essential to the human experience and should be available to all. We also recognize the true value and the critical role that diversity serves in helping our theater and community thrive.

We are committed to modeling diversity and inclusion for the entire arts sector and to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all. SVCAC strives to create and sustain a diverse, inclusive, and equitable space where everyone who walks through our doors —  patrons, artists, staff, volunteers, and vendors — feels valued and respected regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, education, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, or ability.

We believe in building a stronger organization and arts experience by ensuring that all voices have an opportunity to be heard and we strive to provide a safe environment to share ideas. We understand that the foundation of a vibrant, thriving arts venue is the cross-pollination of creative/diverse programming, the cultivation of inclusive practices and strategies, and the development of a diverse team of employees and volunteers who share in these values. We believe this is a continuous evolution as we strive to reflect and meet the needs of our patrons and our community.

With respect for the original caretakers of the land, we recognize that the Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center currently inhabits the land of the Micqanaga'n and Chumash Nations. We honor the sacred lands of all indigenous American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and First Nations peoples.

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center’s IDEA philosophy is based on an understanding of the following:

INCLUSION means honoring and accepting the gifts, backgrounds, experiences, and wisdom that every individual brings with them, so that every stakeholder feels valued. Our stakeholders include staff, artists, volunteers, donors, audiences, arts partner organizations, and community members.

DIVERSITY means acknowledging and respecting human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups we are a part of or with which we are associated. These qualities include but are not limited to: ethnicity, race, color, country of origin, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, age, sexual or relationship orientation, family structure, religion, beliefs, political affiliations, experiences and ability differences.

EQUITY means recognizing that not everyone starts at the same place, addressing inequities in access and opportunity, and allowing for full and fair participation.

ACCESS means that everyone, regardless of physical, emotional, and/or developmental barriers, deserves to have access to the Arts and benefit from such access.